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  • #Changember



    Is it me or has this year gone super-fast? Because the last thing I remember was sipping cocktails on private loungers in Ibiza… and now I'm sipping tea wearing thermals… #realitycheck.  

    Anyway, this month is pretty exciting for us… lemme' give you the lowdown:

    - Next week we're OFFICIALLY saying goodbye to our home in Kirby Street and HELLO to Worship Street; which is currently undergoing its final beauty touches, and will be ready for us mid-December *yay*. Photo montages are at the ready… and maybe some welcome prosecco?

    - In 14 days we'll be dolling ourselves up and making our way to Shoreditch House for our ever-so scrumptious and ever-so merry christmas-Do. Not only do we plan to hit it big, but we plan to make more memories! #TB to Kensington Rooftop Gardens last year... Have you met your match? 

    - And then well duh... Christmas *falalalala* 

    As you can see, we're pretty pumped for what December has to offer. Big changes *hence the title*, more ventures and a WHOLE load more of fun!

    I mean we're not just the LEADING Creative Recruitment Agency in London guys… we're one big family too! 

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