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  • Kyle - My Work Experience

    Kyle - My Work Experience


    "We are proud to partner Inspire who enable us to offer work experience placements to students attending schools in Hackney. Kyle has joined us over the past 2 weeks and has gained valuable office skills and an insight into a very busy media recruitment agency". 

    When I came to Impact Creative from my College: Westminster King's Way, I only knew a bit about the company and recruitment. However within a matter of minutes, I felt as though my knowledge had grown immensely! The team there were extremely helpful, welcoming and nice - immediately I felt respected and included within their team.

    On my first day at my Work Experience, I was instructed to organise the storage room which contains: Client Invoices, payroll, passports scans, remittance advice and more. By categorising the room and formulating a list, I have made it easier for them to locate the documents and to see what they have in stock.

    During my time here I've been exposed to a variety of exciting opportunities and roles, all of which come from renowned and successful media clients. I've observed their approach when dealing with candidates, enabling me to gain a better understanding of the communication and interaction.

    Overall, there are five different divisions: HR, Support, Temp, Finance and Digital. In each of these sectors, I watched how each consultant dealt with the applicants - in helping them find their dream career.

    The things I enjoyed there was that I was in a relaxing and calm place and the fact I get to work on the computer too which working in an office was really cool to do.


    By Kyle Carpio



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