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  • The last Ibiza blog... maybe

    The last Ibiza blog... maybe


    Now I know what you're thinking, the constant Ibiza related tweets/status, the frequent Instagram reminders, and lastly the written blogs on our website - Surely there's no need to create anything else Ibiza associated?… well think again.

    With now only - and OFFICIALLY - one day to go, I felt it was needed and of course essential, to form the very last Ibiza Blog. I mean obviously you'll all be bombarded with pictures/videos of our antics, however after that… it will be no more *wipes tear from eye*.

    Lemme' give you the low-down:

    1. With an early *gulps* and ghastly flight time (At the airport at 4am), we're set to arrive in the glorious sunshine at 9am.
    2. Once checked-in and unloaded the millions of suitcases (you should see the office right now), we're setting off to Nassau - an ever-so-gorgeous and luxurious beach club.
    3. Tanned and feeling err… happy *tipsy*… we'll set off back to the hotel, make ourselves look the part *flicks hair*, and head off to a literally local restaurant… "Local's only".  
    4. What's next? Rhymes with Sasha? Tasha? Oh wait… PACHA! Need I say more?
    5. Hungover and feeling fabulous the party continues to the beach (at a slow pace of course)
    6. Fully recovered (with the help of booze) we'll once again make our final beauty touches and make our way to the no.1 all-day destination… Ushuaia! (Did I mention it was all day? All day drinking. The perfect combination, am I right?)
    7. The dreaded alarm clock will go, which means only one thing… home time *falls to the floor dramatically*.
    8. Board the plane -> London touchdown.
    9. Monday… we'll be greeting you with LOTS of coffee.


    I end this with these final words, as repeated before, and will be repeated once again… BEST.SUMMER.PARTY.EVER. 

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