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  • Our Intern Chloe

    Our Intern Chloe

    When I first started my work experience at IMPACT I was overwhelmed by the friendly, approachable staff that made me feel really welcome on my first day. I was so nervous to start as it was my first time working in an office. However, being part of such a welcoming environment for 2 weeks has made me feel really comfortable and I was able to adapt very quickly. I have had a really good experience at IMPACT learning about recruitment and what each part of the office does.

    Throughout my time at IMPACT I was shown around the office and I learnt about what types of recruitment there is. Each day I was able to sit with a different part of the office to see what they do. For every division I got to do loads of research about the companies they recruit for and I also had the pleasure of visiting one of these companies with a member of IMPACT and I got to meet everyone that worked there and I got a tour of the building.

    In addition, I was taught how to greet candidates when they come in for their interviews and how to answer the phone. The first time I greeted a candidate I was really nervous however I gradually became confident as I was familiar with what to do. I also got the chance to shadow 3 candidate interviews, this was interesting because I was able to see what recruiters look for when they interview people. I also got a chance to go to a client meeting at AMV and I met everyone that worked there and they gave me a tour of the building. 

    Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience at IMPACT as I have met really nice people and it has been a great chance for me to know what recruiters do and to see what working in an office would be like. 

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