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  • Temp of the Month

    Temp of the Month

     Beccy's CV initially stood out to me because of her arts education, she has a Masters in Art & Culture, and her strong administrative experience, having worked in roles ranging from a Receptionist to a Recruitment Assistant made her a really strong candidate for joining our client base.

    When Beccy came in to register with Impact Creative I could tell she was going to be a star, she was confident in her capabilities, spoke through her experience well and brought gravitas to our meeting, whilst still being smiley and a pleasure to have a chat with - all important qualities when being sent to various creative industry offices across London!

    Beccy has a wonderful down to earth nature and was a pleasure to meet, something which our clients have agreed with. She's highly capable and has always made quick progression in her roles, showing her dedication and ability.

    Beccy is a bright and thoughtful candidate who has applied herself to a wide variety of roles - the ideal temp!

    Thank-you Beccy for choosing to work with IMPACT, here's a little thank-you from us! 

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