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  • #InternationalWomenDay



    Happy International Women's Day everyone!

    This year's theme is #PledgeforParity - pulling together as one to close the gender gap a little more. Despite projections that this won't truly be achieved for another 117 years (we're still hopeful!)

    In today's society a gender gap doesn't really have a place in my eyes, so why it's there is baffling! Luckily we're consistently told here in London to "mind the gap", so with that subliminal message ever present I think we're mindful of what we can do to bridge it.

    One of the pledge's IWD asks us to take for is gender-balanced leadership and I'm proud to work for a company that has one male and one female MD, as equals. Our culture here is unbiased and inclusive and I think it gives us an edge in the current market.

    Here's to more like us! Go women! (and men, equally!) 


    P.S We want to know who inspires YOU: Your mother? A colleague? Or maybe a political icon? Share this to your Social accounts/ or comment below by hashtagging #IWDDAN @Dentsuaegis!  

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