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  • Why can't girl's code?

    Why can't girl's code?


    We're all for #GirlPower and it would seem that McCann NY is too…

    Here at Impact, we just can't resist talking about incredible campaigns that our clients produce, and this new gem has left us in tears of laughter (we promise). The creatives at McCann, based in the Glorious city of New York, have launched "Girls who code", which confronts the stigmas about girls and their ability to code head-on. 

    In this incredible and TOTALLY hilarious ad, the brilliance of satire is used to point out the absurd reasons behind the viewpoint that "Girls can't code' *rolls eyes*…. We're talking: DDE-straction of the female cleavage; P-cod-esky fake lashes that weigh their eyes shut; and of course the underflow *cough* unpredictable nature of a woman's period.

    Grab your box of tissues, and take a look for yourself…

    P.S If you've noticed the 'secret' reference to coding in this piece… give yourselves a pat on the back. 

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