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  • Cynthia!


    When I first came to IMPACT , I remember feeling nervous… but also excited! This would be my "first real" experience, so in all honesty… I didn't really know what to expect ! As my work experience comes to an end, I reflect on everything I've learnt; and I can say…I've gained a lot of knowledge, while having so much fun!

    Throughout my time at IMPACT I was shown around the office and I learnt about what types of recruitment there is ; learning about different branding agencies . Each day I was able to sit with different teams which help me to improve on my communication skills because normally I am quite shy .

    While working with the finance and support team I improve my designing skills using canvas to advertise same of their jobs ; which we posted to their Social Media accounts; I have learn about the different skills that employers are looking for candidates .

    Impact has taught me a lot over the past two weeks… I'm saying: Communication skills; critical skills ; and my inner-creative self !

    In conclusion , I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 weeks of work experience; people have been amazing and made me feel extremely happy . I was always looking forward for the next day …...I also learnt so much about how recruitment agencies works and operates in the daily basics . Thanks you, Impact !!

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