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  • Syed – My Work Experience

    Syed – My Work Experience

    Looking back at my two weeks with Impact, I felt incredibly lucky to have had my work experience placement with them.

    Arriving, I didn't know what to expect. What I didn't expect was such a fun office! On my first day, I was introduced to the team with handshakes and smiles. I learnt about the different divisions that the teams were working in, and I understood that I would be working in each one which I was looking forward to. Throughout my two weeks, I have learnt about all the different aspects of a recruitment agency. I've made an effort to recruit people for different job vacancies according to their CVs, I've wrote a job ad and a blog, which I am proud of as I don't like writing.  I have shadowed interviews and learnt how to enjoy myself at work. All these activities have given me an eye opening insight of what work life is like. I feel that I have now acquired a lot of skills, such as communication and team work, all of which were not as strong before as they are now.

    Not only have I learnt about what work life is like, I had also learnt a lot about myself and my capabilities. I've realised what I enjoy doing and what I don't enjoy doing as well as how good I am at it. Impact had ensured that I had something to do at all times which was actually assuring as I liked the tasks I was assigned to. Did I mention there's a pool table!?

    Overall, I've had a wonderful experience, and am very appreciative of the opportunity that I've had. A big thanks to the team for taking the time to teach me many different things.

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