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  • Internship


    Here we go, after 3 months at Impact my internship comes to its end… How can I summarise it in one post? Hard to do! The time went so quickly and I can't believe it's over! I remember looking for a recruitment agency when I was searching for a placement, when I came across Impact's website. I t......

  • World Cup Winner

    World Cup Winner

    For those not familiar with the noble tradition of the office sweep stake, this is the time when you and your work mates pay £1 each, draw the name of a team out of a hat and, in doing so, give yourself the opportunity (if you're very lucky), to win a princely cash sum… and so began Impact's exc......

  • HR in the Hot Seat

    HR in the Hot Seat

    What do you love most about your job? The best thing about my job is the people I get to work with on a daily basis, both within the HR team and throughout the whole company. What are the three things you couldn't do your job without? 1) My To-Do list - I am forever re-writing and crossi......

  • HR in the Hot Seat

  • Lovely 'thank you' chocolate delivery!

    Lovely 'thank you' chocolate delivery!

      Placing any of our candidates in an exciting new role is always satisfying - and even more so when beauties like these boutique chocolates arrive as a thank you present! Thanks go to one of our most capable and impeccably well-mannered temps, Ira Doinikova! Ira is a t......

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